Dennis Haskins (a.k.a Mr. Belding) from the hit TV show - Saved By The Bell - would love to visit your venue and interact with your fans!

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Dennis Haskins (a.k.a Mr. Belding) starred as the beloved and iconic principal for 11 years on the hit NBC series Saved By The Bell.  

Saved By The Bell was the #1 NBC Saturday morning hit that became THE show for a generation of fans and their families.  Saved By The Bell was viewed in 87 countries around the world and is still airing at least twice a day on TBS and other stations across the country. As a result, Saved By The Bell is being introduced to a brand-new generation of fans.  Dennis has recently appeared on New GirlHot In Cleveland, and The Tonight Show! He also appeared in Seth MacFarlane's movie, A Million Ways to Die In The West.

You have the opportunity to bring Mr. Belding to your venue!

While Netflix offers the show to a whole new audience, the bulk of the lifelong fans are from 21 to 45 and are your primary audience.

You have the opportunity to bring Dennis to your venue and celebrate all that was great with Saved By The Bell, a worldwide hit and family show. Its family values and family fans will fit perfectly into your organizations wants and needs.

What are some ideas that make sense with a Mr. Belding appearance?

Teams have combined Dennis' appearance with Saved By The Bell trivia, video clips, and look-a-like contests.

Other ideas include:

  • Teacher Appreciation Night

  • 90s Night

  • Student / College Nights

  • Any Saved By The Bell Promotion

Here is what Mr. Belding will do:

Mr. Belding is one of the most accommodating celebrities you'll ever have the pleasure of working with at your venue.  The list of what Mr. Belding will do is pretty extensive. For more information, visit the homepage.

  • Autograph Signings

  • Media Appearances

  • VIP Meet & Greets

  • Promotions

  • 7th Inning Stretch

  • First Pitch / Puck Drop

Don't see something you would like to include in Dennis' appearance? Ask and we will try to accommodate the request!

How do I get in touch with Mr. Belding to book an event?

Mr. Belding's appearance fee is $3,750 plus travel expenses.

BOOKING: Erik Haag at (574) 532-1900 or